Make A Backup

How To Make A Backup In SiteGround Site Tools

Make A Backup With SiteGround Tools

The SiteGround Knowledgebase shows how to make a backup of a website, however, much of it is showing information on making a backup with regards to cPanel.

If you have purchased web hosting at SiteGround in 2020, then you’re on the new SiteGround Tools system (older sites used to use cPanel for the control panel, but are gradually being transferred over to this system also).

Rather than a full article on all the steps, here’s a quick 2 minute video on how to make a backup using SiteGround Site Tools.

In the video, we cover;

  • how to make a backup using File Manager inside Siteground Tools
  • how to download a backup from File Manager
  • how to make a backup of the MySQL Database using the SQL Export in MySQL Manager
  • how to delete the backup in File Manager so your website doesn’t use lots of server space
SiteGround provides a ton of hard drive space for your website (the lowest plans start with 10GB of disk space), but we always recommend cleaning up old backups and making sure you remove them from the host. This allows the hosting company to keep their costs down as you’re not using up valuable disk space storing a file that you’ll never normally access.

Video Guide for a Siteground Backup Using File Manager

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